Connecting Children To Nature Essay

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Connecting Children to Nature *Shefali Abstract Teaching children about the environment is vital for the future of children and future of generations. In an increasingly urban society adults need to create opportunities to help young children connect with environment and learn about the nature. There are many positive benefits when nature learning becomes a part of the child’s life. The children who have more enriching experiences in the environment are more likely to become adults which are better informed; they develop a better understanding towards the creatures i.e. they build a sense of care and responsibility towards earth. Children grow healthier and wiser when they are connected with the natural environment throughout their childhood…show more content…
We must tell pre-schoolers about the good stories related to environment and help children to find examples of environmental related problems being solved or improved and must reassure children that it is their job to look after their well-being the children does not have to worry about that. 9. Certain Activities can be planned for children of early years to connect with nature. • Ask them to draw certain things or the organisms such as bird which they see in their daily life and are related to nature • Take children to nature walk and let them explore the sounds of nature and tell them to make the sounds. • Give children time for unstructured play with peers in outdoors; this will help in promoting their observations, creativity and imagination. • Let children experience the land, water and living things in their surroundings this will help them to develop attachment and understanding toward the nature. • Provide children access to outdoors everyday that will help them to support their natural affinity with nature directly(e.g. learning about birds in the neighborhood rather than those in a far off

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