La Llorona Short Story

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La Llorona Urban legends have been around for many years. The story of la llorona also known as "the weeping woman" originated in Mexico, when a woman drowned her children and started crying that she wanted them back. Many people claim to have seen or heard her and that’s just where the story started, as you read my paper you will find out more about this weeping woman. Original story Maria (La llorona) was a beautiful young woman she always thought more about herself than others. Maria would say "I will marry the most handsome man there is", as she grew older she got more beautiful. One day a young man came by Marias village…show more content…
Parents use this story to scare their children, so they don’t go out at night. This tale says that la llorona stays in her village and when she sees kids she will ask them for forgiveness. After they forgive her she will drown the children in the nearest body of water La Llorona barred from heaven? In this story people claim that La llorona was barred from heaven. La llorona drowned her children as she wanted them back she drowned herself, so she could be with them in the afterlife. Thing is that when Maria got to the gates of heaven she was barred from entering till she found the kids. This is where it started, and Maria began traveling across eternity. Maria tried looking for her children but... never found them. Does La Llorona Still Exist.? To this day many people say they see her near rivers crying for her children. In fact there are videos showing the ghost of the weeping woman. Has my paper taught you more.? Has it made you believe in this suppose weeping woman.? Or has it made you scared.? I will not know, but Maria

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