Direct Disengagement Strategy Analysis

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The two direct strategies I am writing about are hostile interacting disengagements strategy and direct request disengagement strategy. Hostile interaction disengagement usually involves aggression; the aggression can be either verbal or physical. Typically involved heated augments and potential violence. Direct Request disengagement involves a verbal request to discontinue communication. Typically both parties weather plutonic or romantic are agreeable in this decision. Two indirect strategies are the faded away disengagement strategy and purposeful avoidance disengagement strategy. The faded away strategy is no one fault, life happens, things change, people change and those who were once extremely important to us, become less relevant.…show more content…
My mother has a substance abuse addiction and this has strained our relationship through the years. Despite her problems, until about 2 years I faithfully called my mother multiple times a day, if for no other reason than to make sure she was still alive. I have sat and talked with mother for hours understanding only about half of what she is saying, because she is slurring her words so bad. I have sat and watched my mother count tic tacs thinking they are pills, she would decided how many she would take now and what to save for later. I have gone to dinner with my mom and my children and have had mom literally fall a sleep at the table from being high. About two years a go, I made the decision that I could not take part in her life in this way anymore. It was a devastating decision; after all she is my mom. I know making this decision, if I were to bring it two and try to talk to her about it; it would end in one of two ways. One way it could end is she would threaten and possibly attempt suicide, second way it could end would be a verbal confrontation when she would make me feel that everything is my fault, and had I not grown up and got married and had children I could be there for her and she would not be alone and she would not need to drugs. The fact of the matter is my mother has been an addict my entire life for as long as I can remember, I have found her overdosed and had to call EMTs when I got home from

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