Ted Bundy Philosocial Theory

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Ted Bundy Information That Was Used To Profile the Serial Killer He was a renowned sexual psychopath in history. He was described as one suffering from a chronic mental disorder along with an abnormal social behavior .He was therefore diagnosed as a sexual psychopath who engaged in sexually sadistic behaviors. His psychological profile describes him as a serial killer who has killed more than twenty five women in a period of five years. He was a leading figure in Washington state and local politics. Surprisingly, he once aspired to be governor of Washington State. Women, mostly, described him as educated, very attractive and quite charming. His profile described him as an intelligent man but very insecure. Ted’s family lacked wealth yet he…show more content…
First is the rational actor who commits crimes which can be prevented by punishments. Second is the predestined actor who cannot control the urges to kill. They are also motivated by their environment. Third is the victimized actor who is the victim of an unequal society. Social structure theory The key points that are noted from this theory is that, urban conditions significantly influence crime rates. This theory further explains that areas with low socioeconomic status are likely to record the highest number of crime rates. It also explains that when conflict arises, a criminal is likely to take any approach regardless of its legality. A person’s criminal behavior can also explain how conformed he or she is to lower-class subculture values and related traditions. Social conflict theory This theory asserts that a person can influence or control others. These criminals are usually seen as a political concept which tries to protect the upper class in the expense of the lower. This theory is concerned with the role of government in producing a crime environment. Secondly, it tries to compare the relationship between the state of the economy and the crime rates. Lastly, it justifies the existence of bias in the justice…show more content…
He had a pattern of women he chose to kill; they were all single, white and thin. His victims were specifically from his own race. Deviant Place Theory It states that a greater proximity to dangerous places would increase one’s chances of becoming the victim of a crime. In this theory, victims do not influence the happening of a crime Buerger and Gartin (1989) This theory suggests taking safety precautions, by moving to a less deviant and low crime rate area. In January 1974, Ted’s first murder was documented, months later, a college student living blocks away from the first murder disappeared. Several girls from the same neighborhood disappeared. Routine Activities Theory This theory explains victimization of individuals through the following situations, the routine of the victim, the availability of the victim and finally the absence of their guardians. Ted’s first targets were college students. These women were suitable targets to him as they were college students who did not have guardians around to keep watch of them. Characteristics of women Ted Bundy

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