TM 200: Exploring The Mongols Culture

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Recently our team went to visit the Mongols in our TM 200. For those who don’t know, that is the finest and newest time-travel machine made by Hat-bros and we are privileged enough to have one to teach you all about life in the past. In our most recent adventure we explored the Mongol civilization. We learned about their culture and way of life. They were fascinating and want to share some of their culture with you. First we met with Temujn, or now called Genghis Khan in 1206 A.D. Genghis Khan we were taught meant Universal Ruler. This might have been for the huge empire he had. The Mongols had the largest land empire with most of Asia and part of Europe. The empire measured 24,000,000 square kilometers. The highest point of their land empire which was reached by the year of 1279. The way they did this was by fighting and conquered new lands. The Mongols were skilled fighters and had great military force with Genghis Khan as one of the most deeply feared conquers of all time. They fought on horseback with bows and arrows, swords and especially the crossbow. They were skilled at fighting while riding the horses and were also feared for butchering people. Some women would go suicide than be invaded by the Mongols. Although they…show more content…
One would be there strong and powerful military force and greatly intelligent leader, Genghis Khan. Another would be they allowed freedom of religion to everyone in their civilization. They were among the earliest civilizations to do this. Thy also had great weapons which included crossbow, the bow and arrow which they were great at and the horse which were also good at taming and using on the battlefield. The horse were great for the Mongols because they had lots of grass to feed them and with the saddles and stirrups they made it was easier to fight with them on the battlefield. Unlike the Romans, the Mongol’s saddles and stirrups made it easier to use in

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