Differences In Jane Austen's Pride And All The Prejudice

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Pride and all the prejudices. Starting of pride and prejudice by Jane Austen is one of the famous classics everyone has to have read before coming of age, hence the old traditions there is a lot of romance within the book where many young girls will fall in love it. Looking at the 2005 movie directed by Wright we need to conclude as first that the Movie didn’t match up with the book. Austen wrote this story in the 19th century whereas she made all these instinctual historical but for her current time habits and traditions very clear, however, Wright had to adapt the book in a 2005 movie where the audience would fall in love with Mr. Darcy all over again. Wright made several drastic changes that I passionately dislike. The novel takes place in the 19th century when the film is Cleary adapted to the 18th century, the clothing of the 18th century was more significant in comparison to the 19th century. The movie also adapted the furniture, Wright made it seem as if the Bennet family where all peasant class, however, Austen’s book tells a different story where the Bennet’s are middle class. There will…show more content…
and Mrs. Bennet’s relationship was quite affectionate, in the book they were antagonistic. The way the portrait Mr. Bingley as a clumsy, foolish and a man without any original thoughts is also Wrights own adaptation of the character. Austen’s Darcy would never have befriended such a foolish man. As being said the movie also features scenes from the perspective of Mr. Darcy, they portray Mr. Darcy more human and genuine. His friendship with Mr. Bingley was an example of that, the closeness in the movie doesn’t resemble with the closeness to Mr. Bingley in the book. Mr. Darcy and Elisabeth went strolling in their nightclothes, which would never have happened during this time period or in the book. The movie shows less attention to side plots, details and character development, this mostly to make the movie more relatable to a modern
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