Zapruder Frame 160 Analysis

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Zapruder Frame 160: This is the frame where Bugliosi and Posner, etc indicate that the first shot was fired. Now, the first shot is the easiest in terms of distance and the fact that the shooter has time to aim. Their are several problems associated with this claim. First, at Frame 160, the Presidential limousine is just about underneath the 6th floor window. Anyone shooting from the sniper's nest would have had to lean out the window, with his rifle (By the way, Mr. Posner. You write this carpola book called, “Case Closed” and you have a graphic on Oswald's assumptive weapon. But, you don't call it a rifle – you call it a gun. I wonder where your editor was to try to save you from your ignorance. If any GI referred to his rifle as a gun, there would be an endless supply of potatoes that his DI would have ready for him. This has nothing to do with the murder of our President, except to show that your arrogance is misplaced by ignorance – yeah, I know what you are thinking. Same to you.) Sorry, folks we got a little detoured. Back to Z160. The angle to Kennedy's back would be extremely severe, maybe 75 degrees. To make matters…show more content…
It is most appropriately used when something is obviously wrong, yet the conclusion ignores, manipulates or blatantly is too stupid to know otherwise. There was a great book written, which had “Outrage” in its title. This book referenced the O.J. Simpson not-guilty verdict and how everyone that dealt with it was inept and corrupt. My brother and I have the same view of what we have discovered in looking at JFK murder apologists who use information to blatantly distort the truth. Why this is, or was done is perplexing – but the facts are the facts. If the two of us, certainly amateurs can see this, it shows how the American public doesn't care or is just plain ignorant and it is easy to run a narrative over decades that uses wrong facts, charts – or, the most easy of all, plain “fuget abot

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