Extract From The Moose By Bill Bryson

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The moose is an animal that had survived some of the worst events on earth, knowing that might make you imagine and invincible creature, but this extract creates an image of a very vulnerable creature. This extract was written by Bill Bryson and published as part of an essay collection called Notes from a big country. The main purpose of the extract which is hidden under the mocking tone and the ironic imagery is to to bring the issue of moose hunting to light, using the statistics and scientific facts, that are simplified for the everyday reader. Bryson tries to undermine the thrill of hunting moose, creating a picture of a helpless animal being hunted as a sport rather than way to control their population. ‘which would mean that moose aren’t so much being selectively culled as carelessly slaughtered’ in one sentence Bryson conveys what the message behind this extract is, which is to inform the audience of the inhumane slaughter of a species, a species that was able to survive ‘ice ages, meteor impacts, volcanic eruptions and shifting continents.’. ‘First, the population numbers are really just guesses. Moose clearly don’t line up to be counted.’ Using an ironic tone to convey the unorthodox reason the decision of allowing moose was made on, he was able to make the readers lose confidence on the hunting system that was introduced.…show more content…
Yet the reader needs basic knowledge on moose to be able to picture the images given by the author, this slightly narrows the group. ‘Today New Hampshire has an estimated 5,000 moose, Vermont 1,000 more and

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