Cashew Nut Industries Case Study

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Abstract- Cashew Nut Industries are under small scale/cottage sector under orange category without any effective pollution preventive techniques. The pollution from single unit has no major effect to environment but the pollution load from the cluster becomes culprit to environment. The source of different environmental pollutants emits in to the atmosphere during the processing by roasting process and cooking (steam roasting) process, the main pollutant is particulate matter (PM). This paper deals with the appraisal of Pollution load from the cashew nut processing units (cluster) and suggest techno-economic and air quality management for gaseous emissions from cashew cluster. Keywords- Cluster, Particulate Matter (PM), suggestive methods. 1. Introduction…show more content…
India processed about 1.19 million tonnes of raw cashew seeds through 3650 cashew processing industries in India around 5lakhs people are working. There are about 300 units in Nagercoil district, Tamilnadu, 270 units in Kollam district, Kerala and around 130 units in Palasa-Kasibugga, Andhra Pradesh. There are also small amount of these industries in Cheerla, Mangalore, Maharashtra, Odissa and few in Goa. The capital cost on the units is varying between 6-15lakhs. The cashew industry in India employed different unit operations/methodology for processing depends on variety of raw material, place, technological mechanization and availability of fixed energy supply. Commonly we have two methods for processing they are Roasting process and cooking process (steam

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