Descriptive Essay About Dreams

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The elevator goes down unusually slow, reaching its destination. I smile absent-mindedly. The door opens and I step out to the hallway. The weather just does not feel right. The rain falls to the left, slashing my skin. From the ground comes a pungently foul smell. It goes up to my nose and I have to cough out the noxious air. The wind is howling above my head like a wild robust lion in a cage trying to escape its jailed life. Warily, I look around, checking the surrounding. My heart beats faster and faster each second and my limbs are frozen as the fear of the unforeseen imminent threat approaches. All of a sudden, I feel like my right leg is burning. In panic, I look at my leg: the flesh is cut open and bleeding uncontrollably. While I am figuring out how to clog the blood, a person touches my shoulder. I look back and see a…show more content…
I wake up, initially thinking that the dream is meaningless. Yet after researching about the messages that these symbols might convey, I realize the significance of these figures as they are echos of my life. The dream starts with the image of myself in the descending elevator. As stated in the online Dream Dictionary, a moving down elevator represents “loss of progress”. This is significant to me, as it correctly display the situation I was in during the time the dream occurs. It was the end of grade 11 and my marks dropped drastically. My average for Math was 76 and I was not pleased, as the mark indicated that Math was not my strength and it could possibly be the obstacle that stops me from entering elite universities. Learned from the experience, I set the target for the final year of high school: achieve an average of 90 in Math class. Hopefully, with the painful memories and the determination, I will be able to achieve my

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