Harriet Jacobs Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl

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The meaning and experience of slavery for antebellum African-Americans is an engaging and thought provoking involvement. The anti-slavery movement was such a crucial part of our American history. Slaves such as Harriet Jacobs, Solomon Northup, James Thomas and many others endured hardships which overtime led to the abolishment of slavery. Their freedom to make their own choices, stay with their families and ability to feel equal was a successful pursuit. A few basic concepts that we can take away from Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl will help us understand exactly why slavery was a dreadful and painful experience both emotionally and physically. Told from a unique point of view by an enslaved black women it allows us…show more content…
Their stories are both very unsettling to take in and analyze. The unfortunate struggle to get back with their family becomes a first priority. Their situations quickly become unfair and inhumane. Solomon is a free man and has a great family, house and job that he loves. Solomon was looking for ways to earn more money and came across two slave traders. The slave traders tricked him into believing that they were there to help him with a job. Soon before he has the ability to stop the men he is ripped away from his family, whipped and brought to the south where he was then enslaved. Solomon is told that he no longer exist, and that he was just a runaway. The devastating news of possibly losing your loved ones for ever is enough to break a man but Solomon stays strong. Jacobs has to hide away with no contact from her children for seven years in a small attic. In both Jacobs and Solomon’s stories they talk about how distance affects how often they get to see or communicate their loved ones. Five miles between one another could perhaps be the same as one hundred miles. Even further depending on if they knew how to read and write and still finding a writing utensil and something to write on was another

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