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In the article, “A Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give” by Dennis Prager, he expresses that most ideas that have dominated in the public education of America have worked against the students, teachers, and the country itself. He wants to create an identity for the students that only represents their character, school ethics, and humanity - a hypocritical statement. This article is offensive to those who come from different cultural backgrounds. His ideas propose disunity in the school system rather unite the student body as a whole. The idea that Prager is trying to implement in the school system will create more issues in the student body rather than fix the problems that are already present. I disagree with how Dennis…show more content…
To begin with, dress code is a serious issue in most schools and their student body including Mayfair High School, but creating/enforcing a stricter dress code is not the only way to create a better environment for both the students and the faculty. Though it may seem nice to have a uniform for a school, not everyone can afford buying it because of the many financial issues most American households face today. The average income of a California household is $29,634, and the average cost of living per month in a 2 adult and 2 children household is $47,040. Having enforce the uniform will create extra expenses that is not needed but rather wanted by the local school district, and there are also other costs aside from the basic uniform such as the Physical Education clothes. Many parents argue that all these uniforms for their children is hard on the family, and is not as economical as casual clothes picked by the children and students themselves because casual clothes would be worn outside of school while the school clothes are only used as uniforms. In addition, each student is unique in their own way and this counts whether they’re comfortable in their uniform or not. Some individuals are more sensitive to certain materials

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