The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Effect On Society

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Society has a way of hypnotizing it’s people. It turns their citizens into little zombies that have no moral compasses of right from wrong. Despite the society’s heavy hand on control, there is a way out. You dont have to be a “copy and paste” of your next door neighbor. At first we had Tessie Hutchinson who wordlessly formed her opinion on the lottery tradition. Then we had Anne Hutchinson who openly stood for her religious beliefs. Either way, silently opinionating or boldly announcing your beliefs, you will be your own person. Opinions are one thing that society has no control over. Personal beliefs take you off society’s radar. The difference between these two women is evident. As I already stated, Tessie did very little openly. She tried to keep…show more content…
Shirley Jackson wrote, “Mrs. Hutchinson came hurriedly along the path to the square... "Clean forgot what day it was.”” Tessie claimed she had forgotten the day which was highly unlikely considering that not a single other person in the town had forgotten. Maybe this is because everyone else was naive enough to be society’s creation. (Wake up on the twenty-seventh, go to the town square, pelt friends and family with stones, go about your day as if nothing ever happened.) Shirley Jackson purposefully made Tessie late for the lottery to show that she had a different viewpoint on tradition. Jackson make the late attendance seem like a faint irrelevant detail, just as Tessie tried to keep her beliefs inconspicuous to the society and it’s minions. Then there was Anne Hutchinson. She took a different route in voicing her opinion.

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