Stereotypes: Cimps Vs. Humans

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Anthropomorphism is defined as applying human emotion and thought processes to non- humans. In contrast Anthropodenial is what happens when we reject animals these characteristics and still ignore the fact that we ourselves are animals. For years scientists considered anthromorphism as extremely suspect taking anthropodenial for granted. At one end of the field there were those who thought the human race was created above the animal kingdom, different from it and that animals had nothing in common with humans beings. At the other end of the scale were the environments who saw animals as equals to human beings no matter how basic their cognitive ability. The ancients looked at animals, never seeing them with any physical or emotional appearances…show more content…
Apart from the apparent physical traits, perhaps the most noteworthy difference is that chimpanzees do not have a spoken language. This is due to the fact that chimps do not have a vocal tract. Chimpanzees can learn from humans, to communicate using human languages such as American Sign Language however humans can discuss things or events not present, share knowledge of the distant past, make plans for the distant future, which chimps and no other animals can…show more content…
She presented how two different groups of the same primate interact with each other socially. She showed that friendship was a crucial predictor of sexual activity between male and female baboons; females preferred to mate with males that had previously engaged in friendly interaction with them. This type of behaviour and characteristics can be attributed to humans too. Anthropomorphism can be seen very much in our society today in the media . When looking at humanising animals we can look at films and television series we can see chimps dressed in human clothing and mimicking human manners. We think nothing of showing motives and traits of humans onto our animal friends – sneaky, conniving and cheeky getting into trouble. The most famous films like Chimps in Space, the chimp in Ed who is dresses up as a base all player and given the job as pitcher, Hangover 2 where Crystal the chimp is capable of stealing etc. All the characteristics shown in these films humanise the

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