Denmark Swot Analysis

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Denmark Trends Health and wellness factor made a strong influence on Danish consumer preferences in snacks. Taste of Danish consumers became natural and low calorie; consumers more often are choosing snacks with natural fats and sweets as example products like nuts or fruit sweets. Taking everything into account traditional products from snack category and other products that consist of dangerous components like salt, fats, chemical additives or artificial flavors have less profit in the Danish market. Competitive Landscape In 2013 Orkla (Kims) Confectionery & Snacks Company established leading position and made stable 39% share of retail value sales. In the long run period Orkla Company is famous in Denmark for offering products that match…show more content…
Advertising companies and media made a trend and created market value in category of sweet and savory products. Other tendency comes up from the growing group of healthy product consumers. Competitive Landscape In 2013 OLW Sverige AB Sweden Company producing sweet and savory snacks had accounting for 33% of total sales and Estrella AB with a 20% of all share. In category of sweet and savory snacks both Sverige and Estrella companies are leaders on the Sweden market. Because of the long standing in the local Swedish market both Sverige and Estrella. Also, because of output from investment in the new launches and supporting advertising campaigns. Both companies stand strongly on the leading position due to widespread distribution and competitive prices within to economies of scale. Prospects During 2013 and 2018 period sales in the category of sweet and savory snacks is expected to increase by 8% of value growth and 7% of volume sales. Growing demand for well quality premium and healthy products opens new opportunities for new products from category of sweet and savory products. However, popularity of sweet and savory lead to tight competition between healthy products and alternative…show more content…
Strong investments in the products development leads to a tight competition between snack producing companies especially in the chips/crisps category. Norway consumers very like to try new inexperienced flavors shapes and new products. Many of consumers’ tastes influence by different products from other countries. Snack companies in Norway are always investing in the product development or new product creating due to satisfied strong consumers demand for the snacks of different

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