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Music is the place of birth for multiple people around this world. It doesn't matter what style of music it is, it somehow finds a way to get inside of your body and brings out an “inner you.” Music has changed the life of many people, no matter the age. Any voice can be powerful enough to change the hearts of many people, just like actress, song writer, and famous singer, Demi Lovato, has done to many people in this world. Although being in the public eye for most of her life caused her to resort to the worst habits, Demi Lovato overcame them and is an inspiration to teens all around the world. Demi was born in Albuquerque, NM on August 20, 1992. She lived in Texas until her mother and father divorced, which created problems between her and…show more content…
Whether it’s by digging herself out of a hole of depression, or it’s by the music she has shared with the world, she is someone to look up to. Demi started out as a regular actress, at age 7, on Barney and Friends before starting a career as a Disney Channel actress in “As the Bell Rings.” Lovato spent hours dancing and singing on the set of Barney and Friends. She started her own acting career in 2008. She released a debut album, “Don’t Forget,” featuring songs that were co-written by the Jonas Brothers. Shortly before that, she played a part in a popular movie, Camp Rock, which also starred herself and the Jonas Brother siblings. Demi’s “Don’t Forget” album debuted at number two, “confirming her status as a star in her own right,” and was followed by “Here We Go Again,” which popped the charts. Demi Lovato continued to act, appearing in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. and then starring in her own Disney series, Sonny with a Chance. She became romantically involved with Joe Jonas, which was when they realized she was developing a problem, but then they later broke up. Her career was at a standstill after she had a conflict with a backup dancer during the tour with the Jonas Brothers and cancelled the tour. This is where everything started to…show more content…
Lovato claims she felt like when she was younger, she needed someone to idolize, someone who was an example of positivity and happiness, and because she didn't have that, thats what she wanted to that, especially for her 12-year-old little sister. Demi started inspiring girls by posting make-up-less selfies on Instagram, showing her confidence and letting others know that its important to be true to yourself and to show your nature beauty. Lovato was asked to be a judge on the popular show, “X Factor,” along with Brittany Spears, which she used as part of her comeback. Fans all across the world heard her story and dedicated Tumblr pages to her, posting about how great she looked each night on the show. Lovato also wrote a book, STAYING STRONG: 365 DAYS A YEAR, which became a New York Times best-seller. Around the time Demi was turning 21, she was living a sober lifestyle. She decided to spend her birthday in Kenya at the ‘Free the Children’ program, instead of drinking and doing drugs. In 2014, Lovato, whom was 21 at the time, was named Cosmopolitan for Latina’s, “Fun, Fearless Latina of the Year,” and was the face of their summer issue. Inside of the magazine, the articles featured her childhood depression and why she has felt the need to inspire people around the world. Her past experiences haven’t only influence her music, but having it

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