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What is home exactly? Home is a word that had many definitions. The word home is sometimes counted for as a physical item such as a house. Home is also known for the feeling of safety or comfort. Last but not least home is known for the origin someone came from. From the dictionary home has many different meanings, so here is example of the first two. Home means “a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household.” Another definition from the dictionary to prove my point is, “the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered.” I have questioned a few of my friends asking them what the word home mean to them. Here are the results the I have acquired. My best friend Rachael Richard said, “There is really a profound place to label as home. Home could mean a house, that is a concrete place to lay your head at night. It is more of where my heart is most content. Home could be where I am, where her boyfriend is at the moment, or riding the four wheeler is by the river as the sun is going down. It is place where you feel most alive, most loved, most confident and yet feel as if you are looking at the world in Gods eyes.” Katie Breen said home to her is,…show more content…
It is where I have family and friends along with my pets are. Home is where I can be myself and not be judge for who I am. I only feel at home when I am surrounded by people who care dearly about me. I know where my home is I have two. Home is here with my Bradley University friends. Also home is in the middle of the corn fields, where you can lay down and see the stars, drive four wheelers through the muddle, hear only crickets in the night. Home is where I can hug and see my mother everyday, spending with my sister and godchild. Home is where I can come back from school and see my boyfriend and give him a hug and kiss. So being always from my family makes me
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