Abolish Slavery: Was John Brown Right Or Wrong?

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John Brown is one of the most misunderstood abolitionists of the mid 19th century. When the Fugitive Slave Law was passed, many abolitionist, white and black, tried to find ways to free slaves and protest rather peacefully. On the other hand, John Brown killed and started riots, including a raid at Harper's Ferry. Brown is also responsible for the Pottawatomie Massacre where five men men including James Doyle were brutally shot, had their skulls split open, and arms cut off, this event caused major controversy. John Brown should be remembered as a man with good intentions to abolish slavery but also as a murderer, who used the worst possible methods to pervade his message. John Brown's methods had a great impact not just in the south, but everywhere in the states. Most newspapers gave the incidents negative reviews, Not one siding with his beliefs. " The Harper's Ferry Invasion has advanced the cause of Disunion more than any other event..." ( The Richmond Enquirer ). This says that his intentions to end slavery had put the states in a more divided state, pro slavery and abolition. Another article states what he did wrong and how…show more content…
In some letters he receives support and then later is given personal input on how they dealt with the situation. In a letter directed to John Brown a woman say that " Believing in peace principles I cannot sympathize with the method you chose to advance the cause of freedom." But shortly after says " But I honor your generous intentions,--I admire your courage, moral, and physical" ( Child, Lydia Maria. Letter to John Brown). She says what she dislikes in his methods but supports him and in his intention. She also says she wishes to take care and nurse him while in prison and knows that thousands have the same sympathy that she has. Not one person can show empathy though, since not many have been in his exact

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