Declaration Of Independence Research Paper

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The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important and widely celebrated documents in human history(Davidson 56). The release of this document marked the request that the American Colonies gain independence from their mother country, Great Britain. The colonies believed that the king was not treating the colonies justly. Because of this, the colonists decided that in order to have the rights that they deserved, they would have to declare independence. The Declaration of Independence creates a basis for a just government because it gave examples of everything that a good government should not do and what rights cannot be tampered with. Because they knew what they didn’t like about the British government, they could create a new one that would meet their standards. The first section of the Declaration of Independence explains that the king of England has taken away unalienable rights that god has given every man. These rights are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness(Jefferson). These rights were extremely important to…show more content…
The colonists saw that when one person has power over everything, it causes mass dispute and uproar. An example is that since the king had all the power over the colonies, he and he alone could completely abolish or veto anything the colonies wish. All of the times that the king did this are recorded in the declaration. By experience, the colonists were able to come to the conclusion that power should not lie in the hands of one person but be split into groups. In the new government that the colonies formed, electoral power was left for the people and governmental power was left to three groups. This form of just government could not have been created without The Declaration of Independence to remind the colonist what happens when all power is concentrated to a single
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