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The art of the Aztec Indian culture was inspired from their religious beliefs and the importance that they placed on the animals in their environment. It was influenced by many different tribes in their area of the world. Art was a way of communication and an avenue for the people to express themselves. Art was reserved for the upper class of society and commoners did not own works of art. Today, works of the Aztec Indians are highly valued and is appreciated for the beauty and craftsmanship that it portrays. Symbols were incorporated in Aztec art and each one of them held a different meaning. They identified and explained the gods, showed social level, and foretold good and bad fortune. Gods resembled animals in many of their various…show more content…
These were stories that were told in pictures of a recent conquest, a sacrifice by a priest, or even daily life events. The Aztec counting system was used in their art where the flag represented twenty, a fir tree 400 and a pouch 8,000. They were famous for using materials that were native to their area but also were great barterers for the items they needed. Gold, coral, clay, jewels, feathers, gold, silver, copper, conch shells and stone were some of the items featured in Aztec art. Polishing jade, quartz, opal, moonstone and turquoise were part of the tedious process they used when making their art. Using coarse and fine abrasive grit, stones were cut and polished. Mixing a variety of materials was common practice and often bits of stones or jewels were placed in wood or clay and a mosaic was created. Pottery, sculptures, bas-relief wall sculptures and carved small realistic figures of people and animals were also a part of the Aztec art culture. Special religious ceremonies and rituals often required special art and the craftsmen were called upon to provide these items. Designs from the artists were often recreated in the form of tattoos on warriors picturing their accomplishment from a battle. Much of the Aztec art was destroyed except for the items that were on the temple walls and pieces that were hidden. Most of the gold items were melted down when the Spanish conquered their

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