Comparing Hate: Fire And Ice, And With His Venom

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Love and Hate: Fire and Ice & With his Venom The two poems selected for this review are Fire and Ice by Robert frost, and With his Venom by Shappo. These poems have been selected because of their use of metaphors, word choice, imagery, alliteration, and structure. They are both fairly simple poems with no more than a few lines each, which words are perfectly written capturing their audience and providing vivid imagery along with deeper meaning through the use of these writing techniques. The two pair of the poems are about love, pain, desire, human emotion, and human nature which will be explored throughout this analyses. Both the poems Fire and Ice, by Robert Frost, and With his Venom, by Shappo, are both poems with pronounced examples of metaphors which are used to enhance the imagery which allows for a more creative and thought-provoking writing style. The…show more content…
For instance, as determined from above in Fire and Ice, the words fire and ice do not literally mean “fire” and “ice”. However, instead these words are used to convey and represent something else to achieve a certain type of meaning and imagery. If someone was to read the poem in a literal sense, they would come to the conclusion that the world would end in a physical form of destruction either by fire and ice. However, if you analyze the poem in a subterranean way, one can construe that the words fire, ice, and world all have unconventional meanings and individual significance. In Frost’s poem fire can be interrupted as human passion and desire, as ice can be interrupted as hate or animosity, and world can be an interpretation and representation for life; all are interruptions of human emotion or like-human traits, therefore the poem can be interrupted as the world, or life, ending by human emotions and desire as humans have destructive tendencies and selfishness as portrayed by

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