Chaparrals Vs Deciduous Forests

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The Final Battle, Chaparrals vs Deciduous Forests. Chaparrals and deciduous forests are not very similar at all. The two biomes do have their likeness in a certain aspects though. The two are in located in completely separate parts of the world. Deciduous forests are only found in certain locations, while chaparrals can be found on most continents. The plant life on these geographical areas are not the same; they adapt to their climate and water consumption. In general, the temperatures affect the life in of these biomes. These two biomes have different attributes that differentiate them from each other. Deciduous forests tend to be located in large areas and only on some continents, such as North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and small parts of South America. The chaparral can be found in very small spots at once, in all the above continents, including Africa. Chaparrals tend to form on the edge of a continent, except for the area of Europe that it covers a large portion of. Chaparrals are also…show more content…
Some biomes have an abundant plant life, such as a deciduous forests. Some biomes, such as chaparrals, have a limited plant life but contain an abundant plant distinction. A deciduous forest, which is where Sevier County and Pigeon Forge are, has a myriad of diverse plant species that is almost uncountable. Scientists are still studying and discovering new life even right here in the Smoky Mountains. A chaparral will have little plant life. They are filled primarily with vegetation such as cacti, trees, and shrubs. These plants have adapted to the different climates. The plants in a deciduous forest are accustomed to plenty of rainfall and do not need to store it somewhere. The chaparral biome consists of little rainfall, and the plants have adapted and can store water for a period of time. This demonstrates that climates do have a factual effect on the life existing in the

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