Pine Marten Biome

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For this biome and animal representation, I am doing the Pine Marten. They live in the Deciduous forest around the bottom because they scurry around and hunt for food and they also scurry in the trees and adapt to dry and snowy places and habitats. They have grey, brown, light brown, and sometimes black and white fur. If left in the wild, they will live for about 7 years and if kept in captivity, they live for about 10-15 years. The Pine Martens are found in areas of scrub and deciduous woodlands and forest. They are adaptive because in winter they burrow into tree roots to fend off the cold. When they are adults, they go from 20-28 inches in length and the are around 8-11 inches tall. One of the two abiotic factors are the rocks and dirt.

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