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I do believe that men and women do talk different amongst each other verses when they are around the opposite sex. In Deborah Tannen explanation of languages in “Deborah Tannen and the Difference Theory” she is for more effective than Robin Tolmach Lakoff in her article “You Are What You Say” at proving this. I find language to be a key to identify people’s view of the opposite sex. Both articles are convincing that this theory is true. In the Article “Deborah Tannen and the Difference Theory” by Deborah Tannen, the author offers various explanation on how men and women communicate with each other. In The Difference theory shows that most men want to be more aplomb and independence in the relationship. It’s true some man would rather go out and buy an expensive TV set than consult with their lifetime partner. Deborah Tannen displayed a great reason why in her article why some husband or boyfriend mainly try to favor independence because, they do not want to feel like they lost their independence in the relationship. Tamnen…show more content…
Women often use inveigh questions in an argument to try to prove their points. Men are more likely to be aplomb and try take the direct approach. A man’s contributions to arguments are often simple and direct. Men socialize with other men by insulting them, while women socialize with other women by giving compliments. Neither of them mean it at all. Women in competition with each other will not complement but instead mislead her. For Example, “No no ! Of course that dress looks good on you!” when it really does not. On the other hand for men it’s really the other way around, they tend to inveigh with a sense humor. For instance for guys it is like “Hey where did you get that shirt from Walmart or from your little kid brother”. It is an example of friendly competition with each other. Women desire more extensive talk about problems, sharing feelings and finding common
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