Compare And Contrast Essay On 1984 By George Orwell

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In George Orwell’s “1984”, he writes about a society that has a government, called Big Brother, that controls everything. They are able to have surveillance and use mind control on all of their citizens to make them believe what they want. In other words, they are always watching and listening. It is a society that is based on fear, hatred, and anxiety. The government pretty much dominates all of that society. They are able to twist and contort peoples ideas of what reality is and what it is not. Big Brother in the end will be able to decide what is real and what is not because they use the news, fear, and conformity.. To begin, Big Brother can use the media, such as the news, to control what people think and how they perceive what reality is. In the book, “1984”, the lead character, Winston, has the job of altering the past by rewriting it…show more content…
The people around you can always play a role how you perceive the actuality of the real world. They can manipulate and adjust your rational. Noam Shpancer, a man who has a PH.D. in psychology, wrote an article on conformity and how people act like those around them. He states, “Human beings are herd animals. We survive only in highly coordinated groups. Individually, we are designed to pick up social cues, coordinate and align our behavior with those around us.” (Shpancer). Not only does Big Brother utilize this technique but societies around the world use it. It is not that hard to put out an idea that the majority of people will believe because people will follow after one believes. People don't want to feel like outsiders so they strive to look normal and be like those around them. This means that even if you do not believe something is real to start with, those around you could make you think otherwise. Big Brother plants the seed of what they say is real and then people start to believe it and it grows

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