Summary Of Sex Lies And Conversation By Deborah Tannen

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According to Deborah Tannen "Sex, Lies, and Conversation, “and John Gray “Speaking Different Language", Men's and women's conversational styles reflect on each gender's needs. They are a series of examples that both authors give to support their research and opinions. Gray believe that men's and women's communicate so different it’s like almost they come from different planets (Venus and mars). Hence, according to Tannen their linguistics is unique that they seem from other cultures. Therefore each sex needs are confined by the lack of communication. As reported by Tannen and gray, Men's and women's different conversational styles reflect men's need for independence and women's needs for intimacy because, they have different listening types, and also different expectations for communication.…show more content…
“Most wives what their husbands to be, First and foremost, conversational partners, but few Husbands share this expectations.” (Tannen paragraph 4) This a really good example of how communication affects men’s independence, “Venusians” as Gray refers to women, want more attention and this might become a conflict because “Martians” (men) like to be alone and listen quietly, in the other hand, Women’s feel like men don’t give interest in the point they are trying to bring across but is not like that “Men listen silently” in construct “women’s make sounds like OH, Humph, hmmm.”(Gray page 338 paragraph 4). Both sexes have different ways to think and the differences make each gender feel like the other is asking for too much or just ignoring the importance of what they are talking about. With that said men like to be Independent to communicate how the way they do, because is the way it is they just listen differently. Ladies feel like that there intimacy lacks because of the ways they communicate with their partners. Many times “women tell men “you’re not listening” the man protest “I am” the man are right” (Tannen 331) the fact that men do not listen quietly make women’s believe

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