Deborah Tannen Sex Lies And Conversation Summary

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Banan Oraif ENGL 1101 Why Tannen Chose “Sex, Lies and Conversation”? Relationships generally need a lot of patience in order to work out. In “Sex, Lies and Conversation: Why Is It So Hard for Men and Women to Talk to Each Other?” Deborah Tannen argues that the cause of misunderstanding between men and women is the differences in approaches of communication between the two sexes. Tannen used a deceptively interesting title; a sneak peek will never give you the real concept of the content. She employed “Sex” for genders, and a comparison of similarities between lies and conversations, since lies consider a major issue between any couples so does the conversations. Conflicts occur between the genders for multiple reasons: the divergence between their body languages, topics, and attitudes inside and outside the house.…show more content…
Tannen founded in her research that men may seem hyper-talkative at any gathering, but not with their wives, and that’s not because men don’t listen but owing to the fact that they listen differently. Tannen gives the example of a couple; when the women asked her boyfriend to talk, he lay down on the floor and put his arms over his face. The lady got the wrong idea about her boyfriend’s body language -that he is not attentive- when in fact he performed those actions in order to not get drawn away by any other thing. On the other hand, the variation of their physical alignments according to Tannen’s study and advocate the dissimilarities; Men tend to shift and switch between their topics when they talk, avoid having intimate conversations, and downplay each others problems to show that life has lots more to be concerned about, in contrast, women lean to concentrate over one topic, share their experiences, understanding and eye contact. Women are involved more by making sounds of empathy and mercy while men remains

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