Dead Poets Society Conformity

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The boys of Welton Academy lived lives of conformity, expected to be very successful from their parents. Except the students of the new teacher Mr. Keating who had a different look on life. “Carpe, carpe. Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” (Dead Poets Society). He had a different way of thinking then all the rest of the teachers at Welton. The film Dead Poets Society illustrates the importance of seizing the day through the characters Charlie Dalton, Knox Overstreet, and Mr. keating. Charlie Dalton has learned to seize the day “carpe diem” throughout the film. “I have an announcement. In keeping with the spirit of passionate experimentation of the Dead Poet's Society, I'm giving up the name Charles Dalton. From now on, call me ‘Nuwanda.” (Dead Poets Society). He had changed his name symbolizing a new him. He also over does it with seizing the day by inviting girls to their “dead Poets Society” meetings and getting “phone call from God” in one of the school meetings. The positive way he decided to seize the day was when he stood up for Mr. Keating and punches cameron in the face. symbolizing “punching conformity in the face”. Charlie ends up getting expelled from Welton Academy, but to him “carpe…show more content…
“Knox smiled at Chris and stopped clapping to take her hand. Chris did not resist.” (Dead Poets Society). Knoxs has been in love with Chris ever since he first laid his eyes on her but he had been too nervous to make a move. Know does also abuse seizing the day like charlie by kissing chris without her permission also knowing she had a boyfriend. He didn't give up on her though, he decided to take another chance and seize the day however this time he respectfully asks her to go watch the play with him. he told her if she goes with him he will stop bugging her, he just wants one chance. He wins her over with his one
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