How Did Mycenaean Art Influence Greek Sculpture

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The Greek art and sculpture has had a profound effect throughout the ages.The Greeks used different types of materials in their sculptures for example stone, marble and limestone as these were profuse in Greece. Greek sculptures are very important as the vast majority of them tell us a story about Gods, Heroes, Mythical Creatures and Greek culture.Greek sculptures were divided into seven time periods which are the Mycenaean Art, Dark Age, Proto-Geometric, Geometric Art, Archaic, and classical. Mycenaean art is the first era in which we found surviving examples of Greek art. The era dates from around 1550 BC to 1200 BC. During this period there were two separate civilizations living on the mainland, the Greeks and the Mycenaeans. The Greeks…show more content…
This is known as the Orientalising Phase (735 - 650 BC) . Many Greek artists began to comprehend ideas from their Eastern counterparts, starting to use palmette and lotus compositions, animal hunts and such composite beasts as griffins, sphinxes, and sirens. Competition between the Greek artists throughout the Greek mainland and the colonies began to emerge to see who could produce the greatest and most innovative marvels. Sculptors in the Aegean islands, notably on Naxos and Samos, carved large-scale statues in marble. Goldsmiths on Rhodes specialized in fine jewelry, while bronze workers on Crete Armour and plaques decorated with admirable reliefs. Corinthian artisans invented a style of silhouetted forms that focused on tapestry-like patterns of small animals and plant concepts.The vase painters of Athens were more inclined to illustrate mythological scenes.The Greek language was a major merging factor in Greece as it is today with English speaking countries. Huge sanctuaries and temples were built and decorated with the finest motifs, as competition was fierce in the Greek world to surpass previous works of art. The Archaic age was best known for the emergence of stone statues of humans, such as the limestone Kouros who is male and Kore who is female statues. Statue of Kouros in 590…show more content…
In Athens, by 550 BC, had perfected the use of black figure pottery which it subsequently successfully exported throughout the Greek world. Among the great painters of Attic black-figure vases, Sophilos, Kleitias, Nearchos, Lydos, Exekias, and the Amasis Painter experimented with a variety of techniques to overcome the limitations of black-figure painting with its emphasis on silhouette and incised

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