Say It I Dare You Rhetorical Analysis

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Mara Tillman Mrs. Dean English 10, 4th Hour 9/12/15 Say It, I Dare You “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” (Thoreau). In this statement Thoreau is trying to get the message of nonconformity into the minds of all who will accept it, embrace it, cherish it. To take the path of not uniformity, and not recklessness, but to stray from the path to make your own. In the Movie Dead Poets Society all of these forms of nonconformity are represented by Mr. Keating, Neil Perry, and Charlie Dalton. From that first day of class to the last Mr. Keating made a change in the lives of the boys who sat in front of him. Although…show more content…
Keating. Although this was true at one point Charlie was too reckless and pushed the boundaries of nonconformity risking his education in return. Mr. Keating had offered Charlie advice regarding this saying “There’s a time for daring and a time for caution; a wise man understands which is called for.” (Dead Poets Society). We believe that Mr. Keating was warning Charlie so to say about the dangers of being too reckless and daring with the power of nonconformity and to know when it is the right time to be daring and when it is not to be. As we saw in the film those very words reached Charlie and changed what kind of rebel he was for the better, and this was shown when Charlie stood up for the Club when Cameron ratted them and Mr. Keating. Though the outcome was Charlie’s expulsion in the end he took his own course of action and stood up for what he…show more content…
Some try to teach others to be free, to take chances, to take control of your own life because we as humans we only have one life to live so might as well live it to the fullest. Some that have always been free and has always had control, lose sight of what is nonconformist and what is reckless. And there are some that wish to be free, and strive for it as best they can to only get shut down by conformity that pushes them to extremes, but of course not everyone deals with conformity and nonconformity the same way. Life is what we make of it and it is your choice on what you do with it, so as Mr. Keating asked his class, “What will your verse be?” (Dead Poets Society) and do we as humans have the courage to take control of our

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