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I have had too many occasions where I caught myself being inauthentic. It is mostly in small cases, but some larges. When I think about it to me I feel like more often I am inauthentic than authentic. I think that is only because I focus on the negative. I mean usually what people tell me is I am blunt, honest, and straight to the point. That has to stand for something. It does not hold much water however, it is only what others see. Only oneself can judge his or her true self. I try my best to stay true to myself. If I can I will be who I am regardless of who else is around or cares. With that being said, I still have had a few instances in my life where my false self comes out. I think the biggest examples I have of catching myself being inauthentic is in new relationships. I do not want to relinquish any of my power. I feel like if I am my true self then I am vulnerable, and they have an advantage. For…show more content…
No one reveals themselves completely the first time they meet people. Everyone has hobbies that not everyone knows about. I think the biggest inauthentic approach for me is my faith. I never have proclaimed being Christian. I have a number of close friends who are not religious, and I think that is a huge part. I think f someone asked my friends if I was a Christian they would either say no or they do not know. They would say that knowing I attend George Fox University. This is because that is the front I put up. I try to relate to my friends who are not religious. It hurts me to do it, but I still do because I value the friendship. The chapter noted, “a mask we wear partly to protect our inner, vulnerable self”(59). I think I am doing this. I would feel vulnerable in showing my true faith in Jesus. I feel bad doing this, but I still do it. Part of it is because I still do not know where I am in my faith. Still I should not behave this way. This s for sure a negative situation. I should be happy to say I follow

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