Psychological Influences In The Movie 'Viktor Navorski'

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Having suspended from stepping on to New York soil and from taking a plane home, Viktor Navorski’s actions on the first part of the film were more guided by biological influences. He has a goal so he needs to stay alive until the day they return his visa and passport. For the latter part of the film, Viktor reveals his motive- to achieve the last signature out of the 57 jazz musicians. Cognitive factors influenced him to become that determined, to stay then be released to go out to the American land, because he values and honors the promise that he would complete it for his father. Incentives such as the money he earns and the friends he makes inside the terminal further encourages him to stay until he gets his hands again on his visa and passport. I would thoroughly explain such motivational influences in the latter part of the paper. Frank Dixon, the upcoming Field Commissioner of JFK Airport, was more of the…show more content…
In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the second and third stages were about safety, love and belonging. Amelia can be seen still stranded in this stage. If I am correct, the reason why she keeps on hanging on to that pager, for 20 years, is that she is still waiting for a man to answer and provide her of comfort and assurance. She waits for she wants to achieve that need for safety. Also the reason why she hangs on to Max despite knowing that he is already married. She tells herself that maybe this would work for her. However, she meets Viktor. And that’s when the cognitive influence kicks in; she values Viktor so much that she has to make a hundred and eighty degree turn and has to go back to her previous lover just to help Viktor fulfil his dream. She hands him an emergency visa to help him get the last signature. Just like what Napoleon gave Josephine-destiny. She wants Viktor to have what he really came here for- to fulfil his

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