Dangerous Belief Psychology

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The movie we watched in class, Dangerous Intentions, made the characteristics we talk about in class truly come to life. The behavior of Tim toward Beth and many other characters closely resembled a few different characters we have talked about in class and read in our text book, “Without Conscience” (1999). Unfortunately this is not just some character from a book, Tim was a real man who abused his wife. When reading a book you can only go so far to see the scene in your mind’s eye. While the cases in the book are just real as the movie, a reenactment allows the viewer to see what it looks like in real life. While the movie is not a 100 percent accurate, it still give a good view of what a relationship with a psychopath could be like. Battered Wife Symptoms The most obvious symptom Beth experienced was bruises and cuts. She was beaten constantly, yet no one would believe Tim was responsible. The physical trauma is damaging but the truly hard part to overcome is the fear. Throughout the film fear dominates every decision that Beth makes. Whether it is providing for her daughter or simple choosing where to live, the decision is dominated by the fact that she lives in fear of Tim finding them. Unfortunately this is not uncommon in battery cases. Women hop form place to place in order…show more content…
At one point in the film, Tim is found after beating his wife and arrested by the police. While in jail he convinces the guard to allow him to use a phone. His charm continually gave Tim opportunities to manipulate and use people for his own person gain. Tim’s lawyer tells him that he will be found guilty, but Tim believer’s he can get off. He maintains his innocents and is found guilty. The incredible part is that Time truly thought he could beat it. He was found in the act yet still had the confidence to go to trial. The charm was not enough, however he was on the street in no time at

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