Analytical Essay On Harrison Bergeron

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Harrison Bergeron lives in a dystopia where the society has tried to make everyone the same by giving the intelligent ones handicaps. Harrison's mother and father were supposed to be the same as everyone else in the society. Everyone in the society is "equal" at least that is what the government wants. Harrison was however a bit different from everyone else, but yet indeed he was still the same. When everyone is forced to be equal there is no room for individuality. Harrison's parents are the same but different in their own ways. Harrison's dad is given several handicaps because he was seen as remarkably intelligent compared to most people in the society. George has two different handicaps; an earpiece that plays violent loud noises like a car crash or gunshots when he thinks and a bag around his neck full of dense lead balls. Hazel, on the other hand, does not have a handicap. This means that she has close to the same intelligence level as most people in the society. The handicaps are assigned so that the people in the society cannot reach their full potential. Everyone else was the same no matter if they had handicaps or not. The ballerinas had earpieces that caused…show more content…
Due to Harrison’s extreme intelligence he had both handicaps plus other materials to make him less of an individual. Harrison had multiple earpieces that were actually earphones, the bag of lead balls around his neck, and thick spectacles to make him half blind and to give him headaches. Because Harrison was considered good-looking he also wore a red rubber ball as a nose and scrap metal hung over him. Harrison was so strong that he was able to break the bag off his neck and to rip the earphones out. Harrison was then able to rip other people's handicaps off and they started dancing around and singing. Because Harrison broke out of his handicaps he was shot due to the society forcing everyone to be

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