St. Lucy Home For Girls Raised By Wolves Analysis

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“St. Lucy Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” by Karen Russell is a short story that contains humor, struggles, and culture differences. The story shows how a few girls that were raised by wolves will change their way of life at St Lucy. The teachers at their school are nuns. They teach by using the Lycanthropic Culture Shock as a guide line to help the girls that have arrived at St Lucy to direct them to become better humans. The Lycanthropic Culture Shock is broken up into five stages to set short term goals to reach the long term goal which is to become adapted humans. One of the character, Claudette, also the narrator, has struggles to become adapted human while still having her desire to go back to her old life. The Lycanthropic Culture…show more content…
The Lycanthropic Culture Shock say that “the students who had starting living in a new culture they starting comparing the two different culture. They wonder how people can live like this. The students fell their own culture is way more superior to the host culture. Claudette was facing challenge with Mirabella. “When they lived in the wood Claudette would warn her if they were under attack but by now she wanted Mirabella gone”(Russell,245). She wonder how people live like this they have compassion for one another. Claudette wondered what it would be like to be bred in captivity, and always homesick for dimly sensed forest, the trees you’ve never seen. On Holy Thursday they were thought the Sausalito. In celebration for learning the dance; even thought the oldest sister had learned the Sausalito (Jeannette). Claudette should have been exited but felt a low anger toward the nuns. They knew that we weren’t ready to dance with their brothers; we weren’t even ready to talk to them. Thing were much simpler in the wood. Claudette should have been happy that she shows off what she has learned but is comparing that her life in the wood were much easier, similar in the woods. On Sunday it was church day pretending almost felt like natural as nature. The choir director (Mrs. Valuchi) had taught them more then the nuns had taught them. Claudette learned that human “howl” beyond a purpose. Not for mating,…show more content…
The Lycanthropic Culture states that your students have become comfortable in their new culture and their environment. They feel like they are at home and their self-confidence has grown. Everything is starting to make sense to “them. Jeannette say to Claudette “have to notice that everything is begging to make sense?”(Russell, 247).During their conversation Mirabella jumps out and start to drag Jeannette around. Then Jeannette asks for help but Claudette is worried about the Sausalito because she has only a few hours to perfect the Sausalito” (Russell, 249). Claudette has no concern for Jeannette and is worried about her. They wore their hair back into bouffant hairstyle and wore organdie dresses. They were comfortable enough to wear this fancy clothing. Once they were ready for the ball they were taken out to see their brothers. They had mingle but Claudette notice her alpha brother Kyle, who had been known to take a fish out of a wild bear’s mouth”(Russell,248). Earlier before the ball Claudette had spread a pumpkin muffin all over herself to hide her fetal smell”(Russell,249). When it was time to do the Sausalito Claudette frozen and had forgotten what she has to do. So Mirabella comes to Claudette’s rescue and break out her restrains and help Claudette. But she had been taught not punish and said ”you have ruined it” but secretly wanting to lick her all over and hunt a dozen dears and let have first pick.

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