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I am Aqsa Abbasi the Head of Antibacterial Department. Last night i inspected a hospital where I apprehended a culprit. Now he’s in my detention & I’m going to start my investigation to him. Me: Who are you & to which branch of science do you belong? Culprit: I’m a microbe that is an infinitesimal living thing; too small to be seen with the unassisted eye. Moreover as per name suggested I belong to “Microbiology”; a base of every discipline of science. Me: From which category or domain of microbe do you belong? Culprit: I possess the domain of “bacteria”. Me: Can you tell me the comprehensive characters of your group Bacteria? Culprit: Well, we bacteria are relatively small & single cellular beings whose genetic material aren’t enveloped in…show more content…
Culprit: Sometimes a patient can be recovered within a week without any medicament. However some individuals require proper hospital care and intravenous drugs for their recuperation. Me: What should people do to kill you? Culprit: It is difficult to kill me because I have my own ways to defend myself because as you are reminiscent of the fact that white blood cells exploit singlet oxygen and superoxide to dislocate external particles and i (S.aureus) bring forth two enzymes (catalases and carotenoids) to neutralize above harmful chemicals. I also produce protein A that arranges marking protein in a new or different determinate position which gives hard time to white blood cells. Me: I will shoot you down by antibiotics. Culprit: I am feeling sorry to tell you that you cannot stamp me out because i can also develop dissention against respective antibiotics and as MRSA (methicillin resistant form of Staphylococcus aureus) i can stand firm against beta lactam antibiotics so don’t even think to defeat me. Me: How can it possible that there are no antibiotics to destruct you? It’s your illusion to be immortal. Let me show you a demo of certain

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