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Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean. This country has multiple features that make it fascinating. With a population hitting over eleven million, it is undoubtedly a very popular vacation spot with extremely appealing tourist attractions all throughout the beautiful country. Around seventy-four percent of Cubans lives in the city, while the rest of the population remains rural. Its capital alone, Havana, has about two million people. Furthermore, Cuba is a country that stresses its culture greatly. Cuban food is very simple and straightforward. The cuisine is a blend of Caribbean, Spanish, African, and Taino. A typical meal would be a plate of rice with beans, or rice with a leg of chicken. Rice and beans is a very common meal, and there is a special name for this dish when it is served together: arroz congri, or cuban rice with black beans. There are different types, such as arroz congri oriental. One other dish also native to the country is Boliche, which is a beef roast stuffed with sauce, sausages, and sometimes…show more content…
Cuban attire is basically just light clothes such as loose cotton tees, casual jeans, or dresses or skirts for the women. However, one could also find there the occasional African head wrap, and maybe a traditional embroidered/embellished top or two. In Cuba, a customary and popular article of clothing would be the guayabera shirt. Other names for this include the Havana shirt, Mexican wedding shirt, cigar shirt, and etc. It looks like a regular men’s shirt, with front pockets and pleats in the front and back. It also has small slits up the sides. The design’s origin is unknown, but there is a small tale that tells how there was once a poor seamstress, living on the Cuban countryside, who sewed pockets in her husband’s shirt so that he could carry the guavas back from the field. A byproduct of this is the guayabera dress for

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