Polish Vs Cuban Culture Essay

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Culture is describes as a system of mutual knowledge by an extensive community of people that share the same values, beliefs and behaviors, and is transmitted from one generation to the next. A cultural analysis will be conducted explaining the similarities and differences between the Cuban culture and the Polish culture. Thus, Cuba is an interracial civilization with a population of mainly Spanish and African descent; on the contrary, Poland is a heterogeneous population of European origin. There are several differences and similarities between the Cuban culture and the Polish culture; accordingly, the following twelve domains of culture will be addressed: Overview of inhabited localities and topography of origin, Communication, Family roles and organization, Workforce issues, Biocultural ecology, High-risk behaviors, Nutrition, Pregnancy and childbearing practices, Death rituals, Spirituality, Health care practices and Health care providers. This cultural analysis will provide knowledge and a better understanding between the Cuban and Polish Culture. Initially, Cubans are multiracial, which means they have more…show more content…
In the event that the dying person believes in Santeria, rituals are done, such as animal sacrifice, ceremonial gestures and chants. Usually after someone dies are lighted and a wake is done at the funeral home, most Cubans are buried at a cemetery next to their love ones and others prefer to be cremated. Oppositely, the Polish culture does not have Santeria rituals instead they stay with the dying person so that person does not feel abandoned. Poles show their grief by cooking and bringing food to the dying person and the family.Traditionally the dead person was buried within the first 24 hour, but nowadays Poles have a wake for 2 days proceeding a mass and a religious

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