Criminalization Of Crime Victims

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This particular text speaks about victimology and how crime victims weren’t being taken into consideration in a criminal study. Times have changed and it seems as if the focused has now shifted and we are able to better understand the meaning of crime. The information leads you to believe that the focus on the relation of the offender and the victim were just friends, family or how he planning of the crime came to be. Different terms presented all lead to the same topic and major point of the unit being victims. Whether it’s sexual abuse, school bullying, cyber bullying or victims of domestic violence. These are all different type of scenarios that when taken to court is focused on the offender rather than the victim and the long term effects…show more content…
Victims tend to believe that the blame will fall on them and rather than be victimized again whether it is in interrogation or court they tend to shut down. The unit states that in research that was done that if a batterer has access to a gun; the victim is eight times more likely to be killed. That research alone should automatically be a red flag. I’d suggest much more than just an order of protection. If the offender is being released out on bail, he should have close supervision until his court date. That alone would make a difference in saving a life. Of course you’d have to take into consideration the money, the time and having enough officers being appointed for this supervision. If we’re not able to do this for the victim, then why release such offender on bail? We need to be more proactive, perhaps making their bail higher, putting a tracker to make sure the conditions of the restraining order are being placed. This alone would make a substantial difference. There is a multitude of organizations and ideas that are being created and executed on how to resolve such issue. We seem to have become aware, society begins to see what really is going on around them, being able to inform them that it’s not their responsibility to stop the offender from committing the crime but the be able to heal from such act. Considered the different factors being presenting the acknowledgement of this topic, knowing it exist, knowing the effects it causes the victim brings awareness to the people. We’re all being affected by this in one way or the other, we are consumed by so many different issues going on in the world that we need to take the time to stop and rearrange our priorities in which our needs aren’t the only ones being
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