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Kyle McCormick Mr. Hardy Apologetics & Philosophy 4 October 2015 Fredrich Nietzsche Fredrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was born and a town called Röcken bei Lützen, on October 15th 1844. Nietzsche shared his birthday with the Prussian King, whose name was Fredrich Wilhelm IV, who also appointed Nietzsche’s father as the town minister or preacher in Röcken, this obviously is where Nietzsche got his name. Most all of Nietzsche’s family had something to do with the Christian faith for example; his grandfather and uncles were also Lutheran ministers. Nietzsche did not have the most fortunate childhood in that Nietzsche’s father, Karl Ludwig Nietzsche, died when Nietzsche had reached the age of five and not long after the death of his father his two-year…show more content…
Nietzsche’s mother, Franziska, owned a house along with Nietzsche’s aunts and uncles in the village of Naumburg an der Saale. This town is where Fredrich moved to live after his father’s death. From a young age until he had reached nineteen years of age, Nietzsche studied at a boarding school in Schulpforta. In 1864 after graduating from his extremely rigorous boarding school, Nietzsche went on to major in philology and theology at the University of Bonn. Inspired by a lecture from Fredrich Wilhelm Ritschl, in 1865 Nietzsche moved his studies to the University of Leipzig. A turning point in Nietzsche’s life was when he wandered across Arthur Schopenhauer’s, The World as Will and Representation. Schopenhauer held an atheistic vision of the world, which led Nietzsche to read some of F.A. Lange’s work. This began Nietzsche’s interest in the “view that metaphysical speculation is an expression of poetic illusion. At age 23 he joined the military to serve his required amount of service. During this time he was stationed close enough to his hometown of Naumburg that he was able to live with his mother. Nietzsche suffered a…show more content…
Then in 1872 Nietzsche published his first book, The Birth of Tragedy. In 1877 he wrote, On the Origin of Moral Feelings. Towards the end of his career at the university, in 1878 he wrote, Human, All to Human. After ten years as a professor, due to health issues Nietzsche ended his teaching career. In the year 1880 to around 1889, Nietzsche spent his time traveling all over Europe writing his books, never staying much longer than a few months in any place, his travels included; Venice, Italy, Rome, Italy and Nice, France. In 1882 Nietzsche fell in love with a twenty-one year old named Lou von Salomé in Rome, Italy, although she did not feel the same way about Nietzsche so she eventually left for Berlin. “In these years he wrote, Daybreak, The Gay Science, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil, On the Genealogy of Morals, The Case of Wagner, Twilight of the Idols, The Antichrist, Ecce Homo, and finally in 1888, Nietzsche Contra Wagner.” Not much later after finishing his final book, he had a mental breakdown and after witnessing a horse whipped by a coachman, Nietzsche threw his arms around the horse’s neck and collapsed and this would mark the last time Nietzsche held any kind of sanity. In 1889 Nietzsche was moved back home to live with his mom until she died in 1897, and then his

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