The Protagonist In Gullah's Things Fall Apart

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An intelligent young female who is one of the protagonists. She is loving to all. The other protagonist is a quiet female who has many teeth missing due to Rasheed's beatings. She is a strong and honest woman. The antagonist who is hot tempered. He abuses females and was close to becoming a murderer. He is old and has white hair. He's around 40 in the begining of the book. Laila was beaten almost to death and had lost both her parents and brothers. Her house was burnt down and she was split from Tariq. After being in pain for years she finally found Tariq and had a healthy family. If Miriam were to listen to her mother she wouldn't have commited suicide. Nana would tell Miriam the truth yet Miriram rejected it. I would give this book a 8.5

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