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In the movie Ender’s Game, the author of the book, Orson Scott Card, had a cameo role in the movie. His part was in the spaceship at the beginning telling the passengers to fasten their seatbelts. Before I watched this movie, I would think that, according to the movie name, it would be something like the Hunger Games. Ender’s Game is set in the future where there is a battle between people and the aliens. Everybody feels that the aliens, Formix, are bad because they are attacking, but the main character, Ender Wiggins, thinks that they are actually defending themselves from the people. An observation that I saw while watching this movie was that there was a very long battle between the humans and aliens. In the beginning, when Ender went on…show more content…
When Ender gets into the simulation room, he meets his friends and some enemies from battle school. They soon start practicing in the simulation room for months, and after a few months, they are ready for the final test. Before the final test, Mazar told Ender that the general will be watching their performance. The final test puts them at the current home of the formix and they battle on. Ender realizes that if he shoots the planet with 2 big lasers, it will stop the formix and kill them…show more content…
Graff then has Ender put to sleep and moved Ender into his quarters. In the game Ender played, when the mouse killed the giant, it then showed a broken castle. Ender then remembers seeing one outside the station that they are at. Ender realizes that the buggers must have built all of this for him in order to leave him some sort of message. He then woke up quickly and started to run to the castle. He runs outside, but almost forgot that the air is dangerous to breathe without the tank. Luckily, his friend, from the final simulation battle, ran after him and had an air tank for him to

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