Personal Narrative: Alive

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My blood pumping. My ears ringing. The air full of energy. I feel alive. Every year, hidden in the woods of Mineral City, Ohio, lies one of the biggest Christian music festivals in the country. Alive. For four days every year, music is blasting around the clock in this small town, and this year I was lucky enough to go. A small group of friends and I braved the six and a half hour drive to be apart of the madness. The gang, Beth, Rae-Lynn, Katelyn, Brandon, Josh, and I all piled up into an old van and drive down to all the action. Stopping only once for gas and a restroom break, we arrive a few hours before the event really got up and running. For everyone else this was their second year but you couldn’t tell. They were just as excited as me. Seeing all the bands and speakers coming in from all across the globe was an amazing thing to witness. The week seemed to fly by. From setting up the tents, to staying up late jamming to music, there was always something…show more content…
A single speck of light explodes into a rainbow of colors and designs. The heat from the blast cascades down from above, blanketing the valley. We all “Oh and Ah” as our faces light up from the colors and our smiles. The sparks trickle down the sky and into the children's hands reaching up as they were on their parents shoulders. A firefly swims straight to the stars and Prometheus steals the fire right out of our sight. A crack of what sounds like a musket echoes louder than the concert ever did. Only seconds remains until the next one flies. All too soon, an electrified tsunami of rapid oxidation tears through the atmosphere. A million tiny balls of light transform into a bright shape right before our eyes. Wave after wave, boom after boom, the finale has us all on our feet clapping and laughing with tumult. Then, just as suddenly as it all began it ends. Leaving behind only the smiles on our

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