Lord Of The Flies Beast Analysis

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Is there a beast in every one of us? Yes, there is a beast in everyone of us. It can come out in many different events like sports or friendships. It may not be visible to anyone but it is always there. Some people’s devil or dark side is easier to notice than others. Jack’s dark side was fairly easy to see in Lord of the Flies but Piggy’s “beast” was harder to notice. There is a devil or dark side within every one of us as seen in Lord of the Flies, the Hobbit, and Macaulay Culkin. In the beginning of the story when they first got on the island, I thought that Ralph was essentially good at heart. In the middle of the book, he wasn’t. In his mind, he needs to be the boss everything. He acts like everyone is inferior to him. Ralph said to Jack,” I am chief, and you are going to do what I say. But you can’t even build huts- then you go off hunting and you let out the fire-.” (Goldman Ch.4, location 1203, paragraph 14) Ralph’s dark side is when he was elected and becoming a leader. He used his power for bad and that caused everyone on the island not to like him. Jack, Simon, and the littluns were annoyed with Ralph because he barely helped them survive. He wasn’t helping them find any materials like the wood for the fire or logs for the houses.…show more content…
He can catch his own pigs. Anyone who wants to hunt when I do can come too.”(Goldman Ch.8, location 2292, paragraph 15). This was after Jack and Ralph were arguing. Jack reached his tipping point and his inner dark side was shown. He stormed away and started building a camp at the other end of the island. After Jack left the group, he took many of the little kids with him. Jack’s group was savage and started becoming very violent. They all stormed to steal Piggy’s specs. They couldn’t make a fire themselves so they decided to steal. His group killed Simon and
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