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If you were given the choice to have three wishes about anything, what would you wish for? The Monkey's Paw extraordinarily demonstrates the dangers of this. The people in the story become greedy, and are then punished by the choices they make. It is very interesting and has an amazing plot, despite the fact that it is a short story. It makes you sit on the edge of your seat, anticipating the incoming plot twist that will astonish you. Although the Monkey's Paw was a short story, I feel it can be made into a movie because the story can be changed to appeal to several different audiences, it has a lot of potential to become a blockbuster hit, and it is a very interesting story. Initially, the story can be altered in order to appeal to a different audience. Being that the Monkey's Paw is a short story, you can extend the story. Changing the plot can result in an extension of screen time due to more events being possibly split into several other ones. Next, with a change in plot, there will be much more plot twists, which will keep people waiting to see what occurs. Also, the setting of the story can be changed to appeal to a different audience. For example, you could place the setting in space or the future. This would more appeal to people who enjoy watching science fiction movies. Also, placing the setting in a modern time would catch the eye of those who just…show more content…
Very well known actors and directors can help with the creation of the story and make it notorious. They could be drawn in by the well known story, it is interesting, and it has a very intriguing title. With the rise of social media, the presence of this movie can be quickly widespread and help people notice it. Also, commercials on channels with high traffic can help people notice the movie and is critical for its success. Therefore, it would not be too difficult for the Monkey's Paw to rise to the top in ticket

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