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I, Ofc Sekula, was dispatched to 411 N Woodlawn in reference to a custodial interference. Upon arrival, I made contact with Greg Phelps. Greg stated that he was watching Alyshia Kalis's(sister) child(Juvenile 1). Greg states that approximately 15 minutes before I arrived, Patrick Simmons(juvenile 1's father) contacted him via text message stating to have Juvenile 1 ready and that he was coming to pick her up. Greg advised that as of right now, Alyshia has full custody of the child through the court system. Greg then contacted Alyshia via telephone, and she stated that she does not want Patrick to pick up Juvenile 1. Alyshia stated she was in Chicago, IL for a concert and left the child in the care of her brother. Alyshia also stated that they do not have a court date…show more content…
Alyshia believes that Patrick is acting this way due to her going out with friends this evening. I advised Greg that if Patrick should come to the residence, to notify police immediately. Greg acknowledged and this officer then cleared. A short time later, I was advised by dispatch that Patrick was on station and was asking for an escort to the residence to retrieve his child. I spoke with Patrick at length about the situation and advised that Alyshia stated she has full custody through the court. Patrick informed me that she does not have any court papers stating this and she is lying. I then telephoned Alyshia via telephone and confirmed that she does not in fact have any court papers signifying full custody. Alyshia stated that she does not trust Patrick and does not want the child leaving with him. Cpl Sines and I then spoke to Patrick who stated he's signed the juvenile's birth certificate and paternity affidavit, however could not provide it. Cpl Sines then informed Patrick that we would go to the residence and ask for the child but if told no, would not be forcefully entering and removing the child from the residence to which Patrick
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