Forensic Science In Crime Investigation Essay

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Forensics science is a scientific method that can be used to determine what happened in a crime related situation and can be used in the court of law. Usually forensic scientists can determine the time of death of a person; they can gather DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) to find a missing person or the perp, who did the crime. Though mostly forensic scientists collect and analyze evidence, they spend most of their time writing reports. The use of forensic science in a crime investigation has helped solve millions of cases. “Scientists have found DNA on steering wheels and air bags in stolen cars, tools left at burglaries and on cables in stolen televisions. They’ve found DNA in saliva on half-eaten food left at crime scenes, including on a slice of pizza and…show more content…
A process called Disaster Victim Identification (DVI), allows scientists to determine who a victim is even if they are impossible to recognize. “Comparison of fingerprints, dental records or DNA samples with ones stored in databases or taken from victims’ personal effects are often required to obtain a conclusive identification” (Interpol). There are so many types of forensics out there in the world today. There is computer forensics which allows an investigator to find a person who has committed fraud. A person may hit the delete button on their browsing history, but their history is never erased. There is forensic archeology which forensic archeologists and anthropologists get evidence from human remains and from other things like drugs and weapons found at a crime scene. Another type of forensics is forensic accounting; how that works is an accountant will go and follow up on a company’s paper trails to make sure no embezzlement, or stealing of money, going on in throughout the company.

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