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Countee Cullen was born in 1903,he live in new york city. There are many experiences that influenced his writing. Cullen was a desolated but fighter man who demostrates sadness in his poems but also fight for be a successful poet. In particular “the loss of love” as a evidence of Cullen sadness poetry show that creates a sad emotion about his lone less life, this poetry is the most important and famous countee’s work.This poem is about in how a person feel about the loss of someone who proudly love . This poem in particular is compounded by 5 stanzas , with a shift on the first stanza number by 8 lines and the next 4 stanzas with 4 lines each, the poem is redacted by a lone less man who is profoundly damaged with loss of his love . Counte Cullen use connotation on the frase”my blood is…show more content…
Before I research about Countee Cullen i knew nothing about Cullen despite my ignorance, I feel compassion for Cullen life style now that I read a couple of facts that influenced his writing , for example , the lost of his family additionally the discrimination for his skin color ; now I understand the reason of why he write uncomfortable poetry themes and I like so much this poet because he made possible his goals no matter what he past, he fight for his rights , of you don't know about this poet I recommend you to rad about him and if it is possible do something good with you life no matter your past , some people have more troubles in their life than Countee Cullen and with a good impression leave a mark in the

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