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Katherine Ramon Professor Suarez Dance 105 Salsa One of the most popular forms in social dance is Salsa. Salsa is a mixture dance form of mambo, merengue, cumbia, rumba, Guaracha and Son. It is usually danced in parties, clubs, ballroom, and dance competitions. Salsa had changed within the past years; some people now add tricks, gymnastic, or acrobatic moves to their dance. Salsa originally started in Cuba then moved to NYC. Salsa has a complex rhythm; the clave, tumbao, cowbell, and montuno are 4 types of different rhythms. The music has around 160 through 220 beats per minute. Just like the rhythm, salsa also has several types of dancing styles. The styles are Colombian/Cali, Cuban/Casino, Miami, New York, and LA style. When Salsa started in Cuba and moved to NYC in the 1960s and 70s, many people debated the origins. The Cubans were immigrating to NYC. A culture of Caribbean’s, Latin American’s and African American’s created a community in NYC where salsa completely developed. Around 65% of Salsa is Son. Son is a brace dance that…show more content…
It is a duo position dance. The upper body remains straight with the chin up and weight shifts causing the hips to loose and move. Over time chest and bodies gets closer. It is a combination of forward and backward steps. Usually the leader is masculine and the follower is feminine. The leader takes his partner's right hand and places his right hand on her left shoulder or left hip. The leader starts of with her left foot and the follower will do the opposite and start with his right foot. Salsa basic dancing consists of 3 steps, 2 rapid steps followed with a steady step or a gap. Salsa steps are very small. As the music gets rapid smaller steps are taken. In New York style the dancers remain mostly in front of one another; however, in Cuban style the dancers circle around each other. Salsa is a gain skill and takes practice on the dance

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