An Analysis Of Sacrifice In The Maze Runner, By James Dashner

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Amongst all the abounding factors that reside in a friendship, trust is the central aspect which causes growth in the relationship. Trust can be attained through many acts of bravery and heroism where one sacrifices one’s life for the sake of the other. Sacrifice increases the trust because the reliance of an individual raises from the fact that one is risking one’s life or material wealth for another. In the novel, The Maze Runner, by James Dashner, series of events have resulted in characters making sacrifices for one another in order to increase their chances of survival. In one occurrence, the protagonist, Thomas, had sacrificed himself to save the life of his friend, Alby which later increased the trust between the two. In this respect one can say that trust in a friendship grows based on the level of sacrifice one is willing to give. In the following paragraphs, this argument is supported by considering the questioning of Thomas’s instincts, the promise to Chuck and the sacrifice of Minho’s position to someone more worthy. An occasion where one’s trust in the friendship is based on sacrifice is perceived when Thomas, the protagonist, questions his instinct of rescuing his friends from the death that waits upon them. Thomas had discovered Alby was brutally…show more content…
Promising on your life is a great responsibility to fulfill, especially when survival is concerned. Chuck was a premature boy who was brought to the Glade exactly a month before Thomas. The thought of arriving at a form of prison, surrounded by tremendous walls with no memory of your current life was undoubtedly alarming and absurd, especially if you are as young as Chuck. The promise which Thomas made to Chuck showed solitude and Thomas was determined to fulfil it until his last

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